Monday, September 12, 2011

Transhumanism & Living Forever - Technocalyps pt.1

This clip is the intro to Techocalyps, the word was coined by combining Technology and Apocalypse. I think that if what the intro to this documentary is true. People will eventually pursue getting getting Cyborg implants, the way you go buy a pair of sunglasses or a necklace as accessories.

This video opens some basic questions to morality. Do we have the right to impose people to be as they are , if they are diseased? At what time do we say that being imperfect is OK? These scientists are very optimistic about trans-humanism, but I'm scared that with the advent of DNA, nano technology and AI converging. Won't we lose the very essence of what makes us human by mixing other animals DNA with/without nanotechnology?

I'm curious what others out there think. Do yo think the people in this clip are too optimistic? What are the down sides of of this merging of various sciences into our daily life? How do you see people interacting in the future? Is there less crime? What about free will, do we still have it if doctors can take out genes that cause problems?

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  1. Not something I like to think about, but very interesting!